Buying a second home on the Island of Kauai hasn’t been better in years. With the interest rates low and a remaining high volume inventory of homes & condos for sale, now is an excellent time to consider purchasing a second home.  Many owners of a second home in a resort areas choose to vacation rent their property to supplement the expenses.  Depending on how frequently your home is rented, you could actually turn a profit. Where you purchase a property you intend to vacation rent is obviously important, both for rental income and future appreciation of your property. That is why the north shore of Kauai in Princeville is an excellent place to consider. An important consideration prior to investing in a vacation rental is to determine if you enjoy the location and your purchase is located in a tourist destination.  You need to spend time in the location. Renting a vacation rental yourself will help you insure you are purchasing in an area you love. Ahh Aloha Kauai Vacation Services is a great company to help you on the island of Kauai. It is important to buy in a market that your family enjoys and will want to visit every year. Buying a property in a beautiful spot becomes not only an economic decision; it is also an emotional choice.  Buying Kauai property in the Hawaiian Islands can become a dream come true.  There is only so much ocean front property in the world.  Sticking to the United States for your investment narrows your choices.  Choosing a climate that makes your investment capable of being rented in all seasons further strengthens your investment.  To learn more about the area you are considering, rent a vacation rental in the area yourself.  Another very important thing to do is locate a Kauai Realtor that knows and lives in the area. Hawaii Realty International in Kauai has a great partner Russell Tucker who knows the area like no other.