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A Little About Kilauea

Kilauea, not to be confused with the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, is one of the larger coastal communities of Kauai’s north shore. Kilauea has a total population of approximately two thousand, two hundred and fifty residents, although that figure may have fluctuated somewhat since the last census was taken. Kilauea is home to many of the kamaaina, or locals, in the midst of a largely resort focused section of Kauai. Many of the single family homes in Kilauea provide residences for the hundreds of individuals employed by the hospitality industry. Kilauea covers a total area of about one and a half square miles, and means either “spewing” or “much spreading” when translated from Native Hawaiian to English. For decades, Kilauea was known internationally as the Guava Capital of the World, because the world’s largest guava plantation, Guava Kai, was located in Kilauea. Although the plantation closed in 2007, the influence of guava on Kilauea still remains strong.

Kilauea is a world class destination for sightseers and nature enthusiasts. Kilauea is home to the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, which boasts a wide variety of birds including Laysan albatrosses, frigates, boobies, and shearwaters. The Wildlife Refuge offers great views of the Pacific Ocean, and during the winter months of the year even gives the opportunity to see an endangered humpback whale. Many visitors to the Kilauea area also enjoy seeing the Kilauea Lighthouse in addition to a variety of high quality beaches in the vicinity. Kilauea is home to a number of historic lava rock structures, as well as boutiques, chic stores, and plenty of dining options. The community’s condos and homes are also just a short drive from a number of golf courses and resort facilities along the north shore of Kauai.

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