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A Little About Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a prestigious residential community found at the base of Diamond Head Crater, overlapping with the enclaves of Waikiki and Kaimuki. The town of Diamond Head is rather difficult to find without directions, as it is only accessible through a small road near Kapiolani Park or through the towns of Kahala and Kaimuki. Most of the land around Diamond Head is occupied by single family homes on moderately sized plots around the crater, although there are also numerous condominiums and apartment buildings without land plots. Diamond Head is a rather expensive part of Oahu, largely as a result of the community’s location on some of the most sought after real estate in the entirety of Hawaii. Diamond Head is located around a volcanic crater of the same name. The cone of Diamond Head is about seven hundred and sixty feet in elevation, and is an estimated one hundred thousand years old. Diamond Head’s Hawaiian name is “Le’ahi,” a portmanteau of the Hawaiian words “lae” and “ahi,” which mean “promontory” and “tuna,” respectively. Diamond Head’s English name was given to it by a group of British sailors in the 1800s. The sailors apparently saw the calcite deposits in the crater and assumed, incorrectly, that they were diamonds.

The image of Diamond Head is an iconic one worldwide, appearing on countless post cards, in numerous television shows, and on the big screen. Views of Diamond Head can be enjoyed from various parts of the island of Oahu, including Tantalus, Hawaii Kai, and even some high rises in Kalihi and Salt Lake. Although Diamond Head’s full silhouette cannot be seen from the base of the crater where most Diamond Head homes are, the crater’s mere presence makes Diamond Head a prestigious community. Educational opportunities in and around Diamond Head are offered by both private and public institutions. The closest elementary school is Waikiki Elementary School, while the closest high school is Kaimuki High School. There are also a number of other elementary and intermediate schools in the general vicinity of Diamond Head. Two of Oahu’s best known private schools, Saint Louis School and Sacred Hearts Academy, are found in the neighboring community of Kaimuki. Saint Louis is an all boys Catholic school, while Sacred Hearts is an all girls Catholic School. The only school located on the slopes of Diamond Head itself is La Pietra, which offers private education for girls between grades six and twelve. Diamond Head is located just a few minutes away from Kapiolani Community College, which boasts an outstanding culinary arts program.

Diamond Head is well known for the theatrical productions of Diamond Head Theatre, which regularly presents original and classic plays. The Theatre also offers voice and dance lessons for local youth. The Diamond Head Community Garden gives residents the opportunity to raise a wide variety of plants and flowers in the beautiful setting around the base of the crater. Some of the vegetables raised in the community garden eventually find their way to the Saturday Farmer’s Market off of Diamond Head Road hosted each week by Kapiolani Community College. Diamond Head is just a short drive away from one of the most iconic restaurants in the state of Hawaii, the multi colored Rainbow Drive Inn found in Kapahulu. The immediate area is also home to a number of other restaurants, such as Zippy’s and other fast food joints. There are also a variety of shave ice stands and department stores along with shores of Waikiki Beach. Diamond Head is also lucky enough to be located immediately next to a very large recreational site, Kapiolani Park. The Park is home to a band stand, the Waikiki Shell, several sports fields, and a large quantity of open space.

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