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A Little About Mililani

Mililani was one of the first master planned communities on the island of Oahu, and continues to be a popular neighborhood for prospective residents of Hawaii. Mililani did not exist until the 1960s, when the plan for its development was contrived by Castle & Cooke, one of the “Big Five” corporations that dominated the Hawaiian economy during the first half of the twentieth century. Mililani, like many communities in the Western portion of the island, was constructed largely in response to the shortage of housing on Oahu. Mililani went from the planning stages to construction in the latter portion of the 1960s, and the first homes in Mililani went on the market in the middle of 1968. In many ways, Mililani was a predecessor of a number of other master planned communities on the West Side of the island, including parts of Ewa and Kapolei. The emergence of these residential enclaves demonstrates that the demand for housing that precipitated the construction of Mililani continues to be a pressing issue even in the twenty-first century. Mililani grew much more quickly after 1976, when the H-2 freeway was opened to allow speedier commutes between downtown Honolulu and Mililani. The planners of Mililani focused largely on maintaining a comfortable amount of green space in the community, including parks, playgrounds, community centers, and trees. In recognition of this commitment, Mililani was awarded an All-American City award in 1986, an accolade that has not yet been accorded to any other Oahu community.

Mililani is almost entirely flat in topographical terms, as it was built on former plantation fields in the central portion of Oahu. Mililani is divided into the older Mililani Town and the newer developments of Mililani Mauka. There is also a third, less heavily populated section of Mililani called Launani Valley, which includes both townhomes and single family homes. Mililani has developed into a more mature settlement over the years, and as of 2006 was one of the five wealthiest regions in the state of Hawaii. Mililani demands comparatively high standards of its residents, requiring them to adhere to the standards of the Mililani Town Association. The Town Association is responsible for maintaining covenant agreements as well as limiting home modifications throughout the community. Mililani is periodically interspersed with recreational facilities, which include gathering places, swimming pools, and even community kitchens. Mililani lacks any large industrial facilities, and instead serves as a bedroom community for Honolulu. About twenty eight thousand people currently live in Mililani, and a considerable number of those individuals commute to Honolulu daily. On the other hand, Mililani does host several high tech businesses, such as those in the Mililani Technology Park.

Several Mililani subdivisions are built around golf courses, including the Mililani Golf Club. The Mililani Golf Club is nearly six thousand, five hundred yards long, and is a par seventy two course. Mililani is about fifteen minutes away from the University of Hawaii West Oahu, and about forty five minutes distant from the main University of Hawaii campus in Manoa. Mililani has its own, relatively new high school, Mililani High School, as well as several elementary and intermediate facilities. Mililani was recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States as recently as 2005, and is currently designated as the future location of the Oahu Arts Center. Mililani covers a total area of just less than four square miles, and is physically situated between the valleys of Waikele and Kipapa. Mililani residents can shop at the Mililani Town Center, which includes shops and restaurants such as Walmart, Longs, Zippys, and Taco Bell.

Information provided by Jeff Manson Mililani real estate agent American Dream Realty broker.